My magazine article 1 year ago… (Life Series)

Lady Yazzie

“Sometimes you gotta jump & hope your parachute opens before you hit the ground. But in my case, I hope my eagle wings spread open & I fly.” -Lady Yazzie

It has been 1 year since I written an article for Native Hoop Magazine. I was approached by the Founder and Editor of Native Hoop Magazine after he saw my “Power Girl Challenge” photos. And this is where my story begins…

About 2 days after I posted my first photo, I received a Facebook message. In this message, I was asked if I could share my story for the March 2016 issue.

The following quote is what caught his attention.

Lady Yazzie: Power Girl Challenge “Self-love/Power Girl Crush” (2016)

“Day 1: “Self-Love/Power Girl Crush”

I love all 5 ft, 112 lbs of my Indigenous female self. Including all my stretch marks, scars, cellulite, rolls & flaws. I am a single mother. I am dance performer, model, writer, advocate & front end supervisor. I struggle with depression & anxiety. I was abused & raped. I am a survivor of genocide. I am a lady warrior. I am Lady Yazzie. I am Asia Soleil Yazzie. I am ‘The-One-Who-Lives-Here-and-There.’ ” 


Of course, I was honored and was more than happy to share my story. It took me two weeks to complete my article. I had to edit and find high-resolution photographs. Not to mention, it was a little stressful trying to find the right angle to take, what I wanted to the reader to feel, know, and learn, and what was the end goal. Much like I’m doing right now for this blog post. There are many things writers, authors have to consider before posting or publishing their works.

Often, we expose our deeps secrets, we open old wounds, we become naked to our audience. However, it is our passion. We take off running and keep running, and then all of sudden, we jump off a cliff and hope for the best. It’s a leap of faith we put our artistry in. Some viewers are going to like it and others won’t. Rejection is a scary monster. I had my doubts when I was asked to write this article. I was asking myself, “who the heck wants to read about my life? What’s so important about my story? Why couldn’t he asked someone else?” And so many other questions came and rolled in my head.

Now, a whole year as passed, and I, for one, am so glad I trusted my gut to write my story. After this article was published, many other doors began to open up. I had readers email and message me, that it was a great article, it made them reach their dreams, and it gave them hope. Who would have known sharing a story would change lives. And reading their feedback gave me encouragement to keep reaching for my dreams. A dream that wouldn’t have come true if I said no, or maybe it would have, but on a slower schedule. Who knows. What matters is, I jumped off the cliff and managed to fly.

I’m sharing this story because I know each and every one of you reading this has done something in their life which helped or changed them. You risked something and something happen. I would like you to reflect on an event you weren’t so sure of, but you went for it. What was your experience? What came out of this event or experience? Was it good or bad? What did you learn? Was it worth it? Are you happy or angry you took that jump?

I’ll tell you this. I’m glad you took that jump. If it wasn’t for that jump, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. You are a blessing to yourself, to your family and friends, this community and to the world. Don’t doubt the smallest impact you have on someone or something. I encourage you to take a chance and trust your gut. You never know you might have changed the world.

– Always Kisses.


To read my full article: Native Hoop Magazine (Issue #39. March 1, 2016. Pages 10-13.) “Beautiful Dreamer’s Chronicle”


Life Series” In these post series, I’m going to share with you mine general life experiences. My hopes are to provide encouragement, life lessons/advice/insight, and empowerment, for all your questions, experiences and accomplishments. If you wish to share, talk or comment on my post, please feel free to do so. I’m here to listen, to learn and to support you. 


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One thought on “My magazine article 1 year ago… (Life Series)

  1. I remember when I was first invited to a female artist collaboration almost one year ago: Reverberate Her Lines, hosted by artist and now-IWISER member Jeannette Rocha in Phoenix, AZ.

    I was so shocked: I had always done poetry, and was what I and my friends called a “closet MC,” but never considered actually performing!

    Talia (White, IWISER co-founder) and dared each other to do it, and I am so glad! I have been invited to perform at several shows and open-mica since, from Phoenix, AZ to Shiprock, NM.

    Such an inspiring blog, and a phenomenal article. Bilahe’k for sharing, sister!


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