Is Anger Valuable?

Dominique Hunter Anger can be very useful. It is a way we communicate our boundaries: if we need to protect ourselves or our food (don’t touch a yutkayē’k’s grub 🐻) or family, just like our four-legged relatives. It is also a natural response to injustice. Womxn and men have been socialized in western culture to … More Is Anger Valuable?

LuLu: Voices Celebrating the Lives of Indigenous Womxn

Dominique Daye Hunter Was it real? It was more like a dream. Beautiful golden light, perfectly comfortable warm-cool temperature gentle to the skin. Everyone smiling laughing eating: happy. No anger no fear: Just Pure Joy. It felt like a dream. Like Eternal Summer, where our ancestors rest. Our souls rested in that place. In that state … More LuLu: Voices Celebrating the Lives of Indigenous Womxn


Dominique Daye Hunter I have this theory that every hippie Indian mom who rocked out in the 70’s favorite song was “Dreams”. Okay well most of the ones I know anyway, including my mom. I cruised down the freeway in 112-degree heat. It was a hot ass day in Phoenix, Arizona. My car’s AC had … More Dreams

What is the Tribal Law and Order Act? And Why Does it Matter?

Dominique Daye Hunter One in three Native American womxn* will be raped in their lifetime.1 This is nearly twice the rate of reported rapes by all other races annually.2 Three fourths of Native womxn have experienced some type of sexual assault including rape, sexual harassment, incest, child sexual assault, sex trafficking, sex exploitation, unwanted sexual … More What is the Tribal Law and Order Act? And Why Does it Matter?


Dominique Daye Hunter Wä’kasï’k. Gutskai. Nïska’. Girl. Boy. Child. Within the child is the root of us all. They are the seeds and essence of all our ancestors. A culmination of a thousand generations. In one tiny body, with spirits as large as life. Nïska’ are life. They are our future. They both learn and teach us so many things. They … More Seeds

A War on Our Wombs

Dominique Daye Hunter Grandmother Leola’s words echoed in my ears: “They said, ‘I’m tired of you AIM bitches making all this noise.’ And then they wrapped a rope around my neck and dragged me several feet until I broke loose. They almost killed me and my baby. I could feel him turning inside of me. … More A War on Our Wombs

iWISER: The Inception, A One Year Reflection

Dominique Daye Hunter Welcome to the Indigenous Women In Solidarity Empowered and Rising official website! We are happy to share with you our first blog post on our new website. Here, we’ll be sharing an introduction about our founding, who we are, our mission, and our upcoming events. iWISER was founded in January of 2016. However, ideas for … More iWISER: The Inception, A One Year Reflection